Batik Painting Class

This is an experience everyone should try. Our team are passionate about our craft and eager to share our knowledge and talent. It is truly bring out the artist in you. Not only is it a truly memorable and inspiring experience – it’s convenient too.You’ll learn the traditional art form using special dyes and hot wax. We supply Includes all the materials you need to make your own original batik. We provide also template from our design, you can also make batik design from your own design. The class is held in a casual but comfortable studio in the family home compound. You can do everything stage of the process yourself under our guidance. We will conduct our workshop at Five Art Studio, located in Traditional Balinese house compound at Keliki Village you will be wellcomed into a true cultural experience. No prior knowledge or artistic training is required. At the end of the class you will have your own unique Batik painting to take home to remember your visit to our studio and Bali